Spotlight: Chris C.

Chris was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. His parents lived in a homestead house, and he split his childhood between the care of his grandparents and parents. He attended Sunnyside High School and went on to work at Fry’s for about 8 years. His hobbies used to include model ships, battle ships, and aircraft […]

Spotlight: Lily’s World

At just two days old, Lily had her first brain surgery due to severe congenital hydrocephalus. She is missing the central part of her brain, known as the corpus callosum, which causes epilepsy and limited verbal communication. She has also been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Scimitar Syndrome, a disconnection between her heart and lungs. […]

Spotlight: Rosa Padilla

Years at Project Insight: 15 Rosa has always valued compassion, family, and honesty. These values power the engine that have kept her working in the field of direct care to individuals with disabilities for almost twenty-five years. This foundation was established by her mother. She was a hard-working, single mother of seven, who always made […]