Project Insight is committed to delivering exceptional services to our clients and we recognize the following as essential components of quality care:

  • Recognizing each person’s abilities
  • Respecting and honoring the values of others
  • Practicing personal and corporate honesty
  • Using creativity in meeting challenges
  • Encouraging personal growth
  • Using ethical business practices

Never underestimate a client’s abilities.  Our clients constantly amaze and impress us with their skills and understanding.


Project Insight was founded in 1997 by Martha Brightwell and Ben Irving.  Both of the founders had previously worked with persons with disabilities and recognized shortcomings in common service models that focused primarily on a person’s limitations.  Incorporated as a non-profit, Project Insight was premised on the idea that community inclusion and participation are the core of any effective program.  Recognizing abilities rather than focusing on disabilities has been a guiding principle since the company’s beginning.  Over the years Project Insight has provided education, employment and home-based services for hundreds of persons with disabilities and their families.  Project Insight has operated programs from Tucson to Kingman and Yuma to Page.  Our services continue to evolve as we embrace technology and the changing needs of the people we serve.