Project Insight is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing quality home care services to individuals with special needs.

Founded in 1997, we are a company comprised of passionate people with extensive experience in community based support. We provide non-medical home care to people in need including the elderly and persons with developmental disabilities.

Our mission is to promote community inclusion and the teaching of life skills that will enable our clients to become more self supporting. In each of our programs we strive to enhance the lives of individuals through our commitment to meeting the needs of our clients and their families.

Spotlight:   James A.

James was born in Pasco, Washington, grew up in Spokane, and now calls Tucson home. He loves watching football (go Cowboys!), NASCAR, and University of Arizona basketball. Everyday starts with a cup of coffee first thing, watching the news, and exercising with blocks. James’s happy place is drinking coffee, eating a big breakfast, and watching the news. He loves staying on top of politics, and calls David Letterman his hero! His friends would call him funny, sharp, and intellectual. If he could share one thing about himself to the world it would be: “I’m human. I may not be able to communicate very well but I am all here.” James has been receiving services from Project Insight for over 15 years.


Spotlight: Sarah M. 

Sara was born in Lakewood, Washington and has called Tucson home for 12 years. She was a direct care worker in Washington, and saw an ad for Project Insight when she moved to Tucson – the rest is history! Working in this field has inspired and motivated Sarah to be the best version of herself because she learns as much from her clients as they learn from her. She enjoys working for Project Insight because she loves the friendliness and culture of the administrative team, as well as the people she works for and with. Sara’s hero is her husband Neil, and her hobbies include reading, drawing, gaming, and photography. 

Sara has been a direct care worker with Project Insight for 10.5 years.