Project Insight is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing quality home care services to individuals with special needs.

Founded in 1997, we are a company comprised of passionate people with extensive experience in community based support. We provide non-medical home care to people in need including the elderly and persons with developmental disabilities.

Our mission is to promote community inclusion and the teaching of life skills that will enable our clients to become more self supporting. In each of our programs we strive to enhance the lives of individuals through our commitment to meeting the needs of our clients and their families.

Spotlight:   Rachel C.

Rachel moved to Prescott at age five from California where she has lived ever since. She enjoys volunteering at Mile High Animal hospital, playing with and training her dogs, going to the movies, drinking Starbucks, and watching March Madness. Her perfect day involves taking her dogs on a hike, going on a motorcycle ride, eating a juicy steak topped with lobster and enjoying a margarita. Family and animals are where Rachel finds her joy; her grandpa “Poppa” is her hero, and if she ever won the lottery, she would donate to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. The words her friends would use to describe her are sassy, lovable, comical and loyal. Rachel has been a client with Project Insight for over 20 years receiving attendant care, habilitation, and respite services.


Spotlight: Susie Sanchez

Susie was born in California, lived in Colorado for some time, and then moved to Arizona after she got married. She has always worked as a care provider, saying the field gives her something to look forward to every day. Susie has been a care provider with Project Insight for over 10 years, and credits her longevity with our company to the support she receives from her supervisor. “Everybody is nice”, Susie says, “I am treated like a human being. My supervisor is very supportive and makes sure I’m enjoying my job”. Susie’s favorite word is “please” and she says her happy place is tucking in to her room to regroup after a long day.



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