Spotlight: Chris C.

Chris was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. His parents lived in a homestead house, and he split his childhood between the care of his grandparents and parents. He attended Sunnyside High School and went on to work at Fry’s for about 8 years. His hobbies used to include model ships, battle ships, and aircraft carriers. These days he spends most of his time watching the news, running errands, and going for walks with his dog, Bear. In fact, Chris’s happy place is on his walks with Bear when he can meet new people (or other neighborhood dogs). In his words, “the only way to make new friends is to meet strangers”. Chris is an excellent listener, and his an incredibly sympathetic person. As evidence of this, Chris says if he won a million dollars, he would buy a piece of land and have a wide house built so that he could invite his friends over and they would all have a place to stay.

Chris has been receiving services from Project Insight for 15 years.