Spotlight: Lily’s World

At just two days old, Lily had her first brain surgery due to severe congenital hydrocephalus. She is missing the central part of her brain, known as the corpus callosum, which causes epilepsy and limited verbal communication. She has also been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Scimitar Syndrome, a disconnection between her heart and lungs.

Though her diagnoses are numerous, her happy and loving nature does not limit her from enjoying life and bringing joy to those around her. Her vocabulary is increasing by the day; just a few weeks ago she said “I love you” for the first time. At eleven years old, Lily has already exceeded the initial expectations of her doctors. This is a miracle that can be attributed to both her and her family’s fighting nature.

Lily’s hobbies include reading books, playing with trucks and cars, strolling in her neighborhood in her walker, and playing outside. When asked what she wants others to know about her, she answers: “I have good manners and I like Barney”.

Lily is sassy and loves her family (pictured above) fiercely–and the feeling is mutual. Tyler, her brother (pictured below), finds time to Skype with her even during Navy deployment. Tyler is Lily’s hero and he will sing with her regardless of who is around.

Project Insight has served Lily and her family for eight years, providing attendant care and respite services.