Home & Community Based Services

Project Insight’s home and community based program helps to empower people to be active and productive members of their communities.

Our largest division provides in-home care to individuals with developmental disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy, cognitive disabilities, and epilepsy. To these clients and their families we provide attendant care, habilitation, respite and housekeeping.

Attendant Care includes personal services such as bathing, meal preparation, and client laundry.

Habilitation services teach specific life skills to assist our clients in becoming more self-sufficient.

Respite provides supervision and ensures the safety of our clients.

Housekeeping provides support to clients who are physically unable to clean their living area.

Working in conjunction with Arizona’s Division of Developmental Disabilities, other provider agencies and advocacy groups, Project Insight’s certified staff provide the highest level of service by adapting procedures and client routines to the needs of the individual and their unique circumstances.

Services are funded in part by:
Arizona Dept. of Economic Security
Division of Developmental Disabilities

Private pay is also available for those not eligible for services through these Agencies.